Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Taipei: Grandmother's Place - A Photo Essay

Taiwan was not exactly our number one honeymoon destination, but we made it our first priority when we realized that Po-Po would not be able to come to our wedding, or to America at all, for that matter.  I did not grow up around her and I rarely had the ability to go to Taiwan, but every memory that I have of this woman has been one which I look back on lovingly, respectfully, and happily. I can vividly remember her scrubbing the floors each day on her hands and knees using her ratty old rags.  I can recall the taste of her hot and sour soup which she made daily when I stayed in Taiwan, just because I loved it so much, especially with the extra vinegar.  I know her cute, distinctive accent which I cannot imitate but can instantly recognize.  Also, there was that one time where she sat in front of the TV and chowed down an entire baguette - it must have been a meter in length.  She smiles a lot and she has some darn good eyebrows.  She wasn't a hugger or a gusher, but she showed us through all of her selfless acts of service that she loved all of us grandkids.

So naturally, when she knew that I was coming back to Taipei with a new husband, Po-Po prepared a delicious meal to welcome us on our first day.  Thanks to Wes, who documented not only each entree, but also the many details of her apartment which are so familiar yet look so foreign after so many years (ten to be exact).  I also included a few of my own photos, but for the most part I was catching up with all the relatives and walking Po-Po through our whole wedding day, with the wedding book that we brought over.

It was such a warm and exciting start to our trip!  I was able to share an important piece of my identity with my husband that even I was beginning to lose sight of.  Thank you, Wes, for coming home with me.

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