Sunday, December 10, 2017

Night Hiking at Echo Mountain

We started routinely doing the same 5-mile hike up to Echo Mountain in the summer of 2017 to train for our big trek in Machu Picchu in Peru.  This trail close by our place is where we took all of our new gear to get tested--jackets, pants, boots, trekking poles, hiking packs, head lamps... and yes, we did accumulate a lot of gear over this past year!  It gets to be over 100 degrees in Pasadena during the summer months, so to avoid the heat, we would have to either wake up at the crack of dawn or go out after sundown to hike.  Since we're both late risers, we choose the latter.  Honestly, I think it's more fun hiking at odd hours than at midday anyway. We've seen beautiful sunsets and had dinner picnics at the top of the old railway ruins, watching as the city lights blink on for miles and miles.  We've also run into some creepy crawlers in the dark!  This trail is really straightforward so going down in the dark is not dangerous, as long as you have a headlamp and trekking poles.  After we returned from our trip to Peru, we continued to come here on the weekends.  It's always an adventure after dark!  This one time, Wes brought the camera along to document our little tradition, so here are the pictures!

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