Monday, August 24, 2015

True Love Is...

True love is when I, the health-conscious hiker, told him to pull over for an impromptu slice of Ho-Made pie, and when he, the glutinous acrophobe with one bad knee, agreed to scale Angel’s Landing.  True love is when he planned a sunrise photo expedition to Horseshoe Bend, and when I researched the best (and possibly only) location for cold brew in Southwest Utah.  He avoids waking up early with me at all costs, I roll my eyes at his caffeine dependency.  True love is when he handed over the steering wheel of his beloved car, knowing full well of all the risks of having an Asian girl in the pilot seat on twisting canyon roads with no passing lanes.  True love is when I stayed under 80 mph. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We're Expecting


Typically, right after two people get married, they begin to get all kinds of hints and nudges regarding their next big step.  Like a good forward-thinking couple, we had already discussed it between ourselves.  We weren’t about to embark on this next milestone without assessing our present level of stability, without realistically evaluating the time commitment, without considering the risks.  Would it need tons of attention?  Would it keep us up all night?  Would it take the fun out of doing what we do?  Would it fail to thrive, would it grow and flourish?