Thursday, September 10, 2015

Steamed Catfish with Black Bean Sauce and Tofu - Recipe

I didn't grow up eating catfish at home.  My mom would steam whole fish from the Chinese supermarket, but catfish was for some reason not one of the species that she regularly selected for consumption.  When Wes and I started cooking together very early on in our relationship, this was one of the first things that we made.  Wes had given me the key to his place already, so it had become quite the habit to scoot over to his apartment after work with my clunky old Acer laptop, set up camp at his dining table, and await his return.  One night, he showed up with a whole catfish, slimy and fresh.  His explanation: One-fifty a pound.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

MarilynMeetsWes Granola Recipe

Since so many people have been asking for the recipe for the granola that we baked for our wedding, here it is!  It was inspired by the Eleven Madison Park recipe, but we tweaked it to favor our preferences and added a greater variety of our favorite nuts and berries.  We wanted the granola to be fun to eat and full of surprises.